carina nebula, about 8000 light years away, 50 light years long in this false colour image. bright star in second panel is about 100-150 times the mass of the sun.


Inspired by the intricate patterns in Moroccan culture, New York-based paper artists the Makerie Studio (Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft) created an alluringly beautiful piece titled Cloud City. Photographed by Luke Kirwan, the paper city appears ethereal set against a hazy, dreamy background.

The Nights©

Travelling the world and finding common ground. The nights is a brand dedicated to expressing the life and love for night fall, as well as the night life around the world. We all work for the day and wait for the night. Whether its one day of the week or every night, we all have a love for the nights.
Waiting for the moon light, looking out at the stars, walking in the street lights, the heavy glow after hours, the blurred vision after a long night. The beauty we find and the ugly we ignore, the nights resembles the hidden fact that we all live in the night. Whether your sleeping or awake the night remains active?from dim lit alleys to laser light parties. The bums the drugs the filth, the stars the moon the lights..The nights can be very different due to our perspectives. I’m now here to bring you the perspectives of all sides. The nights you crave and the nights you hide from. From my life to your eyes and to the eyes of others, a well represented way of life. “The Nights”.


Love as a whole. Like the silver floats above the other emotions. The strongest an most whole feeling. Love stays together remains one. No breaks no gaps no doubt. Soft glow of love. The melt of the first kiss.

The combustion. The moment when love is infected by thoughts word or action. The infection leaves a mark. A hole. The once gentle drift of love has now been dispersed no longer remains whole lives tucked away and hides under the other emotions as the silver falls back the red stars to move in. The infection spreads the silver dims. The love turns. The fight between you and yourself begins. The last kiss.

Love again. Emotionally distraught the challenge begins. You must surface the love. Through the darkness the love must emerge. No longer can the sickness live you must become whole again. The toxins leave their marks their questions and their assumptions, the constant reminder of the infection. The silver comes forth broken and battered but once again shining bright, even brighter than before.


Los Angeles-based artist Audrey Kawasaki recently unveiled her latest series of wood panel paintings inspired by kimonos given to her by her mother. Titled Hirari Hirari (“the sound or movement of a petal, leaf, or flower slowly falling”), the series on display from August 2 to August 30 at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles.